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April News:


Open Letter: We request all the London Mayoral candidates to commit to providing the same reasonable adjustments for disabled people for the extended ULEZ as Congestion Charging Zone.

Dear Mayor of London Candidates,

Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea (ADKC), is a charity in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with approximately one thousand members, which is run and controlled by disabled people.

We are requesting that the new Mayor of London and TFL to provide disabled people in London who have a Blue Badge, with the same reasonable adjustments that are currently provided under the Congestion Charging Zone. We believe it is totally unacceptable to impose new barriers which prevent disabled Londoners from accessing critical goods and services during the Covid19 pandemic.

  • Disabled people are the most disproportionately impacted group from the Covid19 pandemic and lockdowns, with 3/5 of all Covid19 deaths being disabled people, whilst only amounting to 17% of the population (Office of National Statistics).

  • Disability is now one of the strongest predictors of poverty - 54% of the those who live in destitution in the UK are disabled people (Joseph Rowntree Foundation).

  • London’s public transport system is inaccessible for many disabled people - only 26% (70 / 270) of our tube stations are fully accessible (Transport for All).

In Jan 2021, the High Court ruled that the Mayor of London and Transport for London’s ‘Streetscape’ initiative as unlawful. The judge noted that 'the needs of people with protected characteristics, including the elderly or disabled', were 'not considered'. The court also highlighted the inadequacy of the Equalities Impact Assessment (EIA) undertaken by TfL, describing parts as 'perfunctory or non-existent' and finding that it 'read as if its purpose were to justify the decision already taken'.

We believe that the Equality Impact Assessment has not considered the needs of disabled people during the Covid19 pandemic to receive help and support from friends, family, carers and helpers. In its current form we believe it would breach of our Human Rights and the Public Sector Equality Duty of the Equality Act 2010. Where a disabled person is put at a ‘substantial disadvantage’ the service provider has a duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ or provide the service in a different way.

We are requesting your urgent help and assistance in committing to support disabled people’s health and wellbeing, we have been published in My London and have the support of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, the Member of Parliament for Kensington, and Inclusion London.

London ULEZ charges putting 'unacceptable' barriers in place for disabled people says Paralympic torch bearer - MyLondon

Calls for ULEZ exemption for disabled people | Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (

There are over 1.2 million disabled Londoners (20% UK population), and we will vote for the people who support us in the national emergency. Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and help for our most critical campaign to support disabled people in the Covid19 pandemic.

Yours Sincerely,

ADKC Access Group

  •  Invitation to The Disabled People's Question Time - Housing Special

On Wednesday 28th April, from 4-6pm, via Zoom

Your chance to question a panel of housing providers, including:

  • Emily Thomson - Notting Hill Housing's Head of Housing for Kensington and Chelsea,  

  • Miles Lanham - Octavia's Assistant Director of Housing, 

  • Jackie Thomas - Catalyst's Neighbourhood Operation's Manager, 

  • Victoria Stahlmann - RBKC's Senior Housing OT and Housing Health and Disability Team Manager,  

  • Alexandra Blackwood - RBKC's Housing Policy Officer,  

  • Sharon-Leigh Gordon - RBKC's Head of Resident Safety and Repairs. 

NEW Click here for the contact details provided by guests at our for our Housing Special.


MARCH 2021

News from March




  • Campaign to lower supermarket minimum spend and scrap delivery charges. ADKC is happy to support this campaign, initiated by Sandip Sodha. There is a letter to the Executives of the 7 supermarkets involved in the priority slots for people who are shielding, asking them to reduce the minimum spend to £5 and scrap the delivery charge. If you want to support this campaign, you can add you name to their letter by clicking (external link)


  • Free help and advice with energy bills / changing suppliers . Green Doctors are offering phone consultations to help you save money and stay out of debt. This consultation is provided by a registered charity for anyone on a low income or over 65 or with a long term health condition or disability. Your Green Doctor will help you • Save money on your energy bills • Switch energy providers to save you money • Access the Warm Homes Discounts • Apply for grants for energy or water debt • Get additional support. You can book a phone appointment by calling (for free) 0300 365 5003 or visiting the website (external link)



ADKC Trauma group - video

Latest News

NEW - Tell the Council what you think – Housing Repairs and Major Works


RBKC would like to talk to disabled residents, people with long term health conditions, or carers to hear about your experiences of housing repairs and major works programmes. We would like to get your opinion on how we can improve our repairs service and deliver our major works programme.


We would like to know how we could adapt our service to your needs. We would like to hear your thoughts on what would make a difference to you. Have you had good experiences of services that you can share, or are there examples of poor service that we could learn from?


Senior Resident Liaison Officer, Sarah McCarthy, would like to hear about your lived experience. This could be a one to one conversation online, in person or on the phone


Sarah McCarthy

Senior Resident Liaison Officer


Mob: 07971 982 089

If you

  • are 16 to 25, 

  • live work or study in Kensington and Chelsea,

  • have physical, sensory and/or hidden impairment(s)

Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea invites you to our Young Disabled People's Workshop

on Thursday 16th September 2021 between 6.30 and 7.30pm.

We are an organisation run for and by disabled people, and we want to know what kind of support and services we can put in place to help young disabled people live and thrive in our community.

To find out more, and to recieve a Zoom invite contact Jamie / 07553 370074

  • ADKC is now on Instagram

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  • ADKC Centre Update 19/07/2021 

We currently do not have the capacity to reopen the centre, as the vast majority of our staff team have been advised to continue shielding. 

We are however putting the required procedures and equipment in place to ensure the safe reopening of the centre once this becomes possible  

We will post updates on our website and social media as this work develops. 

The trustees and staff of ADKC thank you for your continued patience and support. 

  • ULEZ campaign update

ADKC's campaign against the harmful effects of the Ultra Low Emission Zone was mentioned in the Evening Standard recently: 

"Mr Khan was asked whether he would adopt a proposal from Action Disability Kensington & Chelsea to allow disabled people with a Blue Badge the same exemptions for the Ulez as for the C-charge." 


And here is the link to the article: 

Ulez: Cost of expanding zone could cost £130m, Sadiq Khan confirms | Evening Standard 

Click here to scroll down to read ADKC's open letter to mayoral candidates earlier in the year