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Have you ever wanted to have more knowledge so you can advise people? Our legal advice project has a new opportunity!

ADKC is looking to recruit part-time trainee legal advisors.

If you are a disabled person or someone with a long-term health condition - this role could be for you.

All training will be provided so no previous experience is necessary.

To find out more about the job role, the training and how to apply - come along to our taster session:

Date: 29th September 2023

Time: 11 to 1

Venue: The ADKC Centre and Zoom (Hybrid meeting)

For more information, and to book your place in the taster session, email Carla -

Legal Advice Trainee Vacancies Flyer, with invitation to the Taster Session on 29th September from 11 to 1. For more information email Image of arm holding a loudhalier saying "job vacanies"
Legal Advice Trainee Vacancies Flyer

Our friends at the Playground Theatre and Playhouse Creatures have shared a new opportunity.

A community play reading event. Griswold, By Angela J Davies.

Join others on 31st August to read a script about Griswold, the story of the 65 year old woman who engineered her own criminal arrest on the eve of the sexual revolution, and the extraordinary events that led to the establishment of the rights of sexual privacy in the United States.

The landmark and now increasingly relevant, United States Supreme Court case, Griswold v Connecticut, struck down laws prohibiting birth control, established a right of sexual privacy, and directly paved the way for other guarantees of liberty, including, on the 60th anniversary of the Griswold case, the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Date: 31st August 2023

Time: 7pm (free meal with every ticket at 6pm)

Venue: The Playground Theatre - Box Office 8 Latimer Road, W10 6RQ

Griswold Reading Duration: 90 Minutes

Discussion: 30 Minutes.

Free (suggested £3 donation to associated charities).

Get involved

No experience necessary - community and actors read side-by-side.

To apply to read or participate contact:

phone: 020 8960 0110

Full Accessibility

Everyone is welcome at The Playground.

Accessibility features:

  • coloured or large font scripts,

  • subtitling/BSL

  • wheelchair accessible theatre

  • accessible toilet

  • a quiet space

Every audience member receives a highlighted script, making their 'part' clear. Guest spaces will be available.

If you require specialised travel to the theatre, contact Playground Theatre.

Mini-season about rights.

This mini-season incorporates the three strands of our work at The Playground Community. Development and Production, and I am delighted to be celebrating stories by and about older women, with writing that focuses on LGBTQ+ rights, performed by our community, alongside some of our most accomplished artists.

Anthony Biggs. Co Artistic Director of The Playground Theatre.

For more information on our forthcoming LGBTQIA+ play-reading group, featuring support services and guest speakers, get in touch.

Funders / Supporters:

  • Kensington and Chelsea Festival

  • We Start

  • Well Read

  • Greenfell Projects 2

  • Lancaster West Neighbourhood. W11

  • Intermission Youth

  • A is for....

  • The Playground Theatre

  • Playhouse Creatures

ADKC's Access Group - which campaigns for a more accessible world - has written to Train Companies to object to Ticket Office closures.

Access Group members highlighted the negative impact Ticket Office Closures will have for Disabled train users and other people in the community.

The letter highlights:

  • The difficulties disabled people will have in planning, buying tickets and making journey

  • The proposed solutions are not consistent

  • It will be difficult to locate staff if you need support

The image below shows the first page of the Access Group letter.

Click below to download a copy of the letter (Word Format)

ADKC Access Group Letter of Objection ticket office closure
Download DOCX • 36KB

Or click below to download a copy of the Access Group letter (pdf)

ADKC Access Group Letter of Objection ticket office closure
Download PDF • 644KB

If you would like to send a similar letter, visit Transport For All's campaign web page [link opens]

First page of Access Group Letter Objecting to Train Ticket Office Closures

Join the ADKC Access Group.

The Access Group meet evey two weeks. To find out more about the group and the campaigns - email Mariya at (Mariya works Thursday afternoons.) See our Events page for meeting dates.

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